Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day can be quite the challenge! Many of our brides struggle with making this big decision, so we decided to consult the experts to help shed some light on what factors are the most important in deciding what bridal hair to choose! Read below for advice…
Bridal hair is actually what led Christina into the beauty industry in the first place! She was captivated by the excitement of being a part of the biggest day in a person’s life. Quickly, she learned all the ends and outs to be able to accomplish anything her brides needed from her, which is why we had to get the inside secrets to choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day from her and her junior stylist, Jeremy! 

From left to right: Christina Robbins, Khloe Jackson, Jeremy Zidek

Christina and Jeremy guide their clients to choosing the perfect hairstyle for their wedding day by asking them curated questions that will ultimately help them make the best decision for them! A few things they dive into are the dress style, the climate of the wedding, and encouraging them to choose a style that aligns with their everyday style so they feel at their best on wedding day!

Let's Be Honest...

The reason the perfect hairstyle for your wedding so daunting is the amount of choices there are for styles. Christina likes all of them, but tends to turn towards the romantic and boho styles the most! She finds that most of her brides want their hair down for their wedding, but enjoys the challenge of a beautiful up-do for the right person.

Step 1:
The Wedding Dress

The dress plays a huge role in what hairstyle you should choose for your wedding day. If there are beautiful details on the back of the dress, you may want to have your hair up to highlight those details. Similarly, with a plunging neckline you may consider accentuating those features for the most wow factor to your complete style. On the other hand, if you have a more casual or boho styled dress, it’s always fun to consider waves and braids for your hair to complete the look perfectly!

Step 2:
The Climate of the Wedding Day

The climate of your wedding will have a large impact on the hairstyle the Fifth & Mae stylists guide you towards for your wedding day. Share with your stylist what season you will be getting married – spring, summer, fall or winter. In addition to the season, it’s important to consider the climate of the place you will be hosting the wedding because the beach climate is very different from mountain climate and your hairstyle should align accordingly! 

Step 3:
The Bride's Unique Style

This is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day! You want to feel comfortable and like you are looking your best on the big day. The stylist at Fifth & Mae suggest you do not do anything too far off of what you style your everyday hair. For example, if you never wear your hair up, they would not suggest choosing that hairstyle for your wedding day and visa versa. 

Bridal Hairstyle Common Mistakes

Christina goes on to say that the most common mistake she sees brides make on their wedding day is to reach for a perfect image they see on Pinterest or other inspiration photos. For example, if you were to show up with an inspiration photo of winged eyeliner paired with an updo when you always come in with your hair down and no-makeup, your trusted stylists will help point that out to you! This day should be about showcasing the best parts of YOU and you shouldn’t let the opinions of others dictate the choices you make with your hair. 
Fifth & Mae stylists are here to help you choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. In addition to bridal hair they have stylists that can do anything from waxing eyebrows, color corrections, and lashes. They have the ability to travel anywhere for wedding to bring a full glow-up to you and your bridal party for wedding day! 

A little About Fifth & Mae Salons

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Christina Robbins | Co – Founder

Erin Rene | Co-Founder

Christina, and her business partner Erin, founded Fifth & Mae in 2015 with the intention to create a lifestyle with intention to those around them. The name Fifth & Mae means: Grace (fifth) and growth (mae). The number five symbolized grace, goodness, and favor towards humankind. The French meaning for the name Mae is the season of spring which represents growth. The original salon is located in Rosewell, GA and they have since expanded to Cummings and Buford. It is a full concept Aveda salon that takes so much pride in how well their team is trained to service their guests. 

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