Welcome to W Events, formerly Wildflower Wedding Planning, an intentional event planning company that believes the most impactful soirees are bound by profound meaning in each thoughtful detail. As sought-after Nashville, Atlanta, and Chattanooga wedding & event planners, we specialize in creating unforgettable celebrations that go beyond the expected, surpassing expectations. 

We are led by an unwavering commitment to bring high-touch, top-quality customer service to support the busy schedules of our clientele of professional athletes, royalty, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Our team is passionate about curating an experience for you and your guests that leaves an imprint on their lives that stands the test of time.

Our balanced approach to design & logistics harmoniously elevates every event we plan. We work with only the most accredited partners to tailor an event that intertwines personal elements with timeless touches to unveil distinctive designs that speak for themselves.

Khloe Jackson


As the driving force behind W Events, Khloe passionately leads a team dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of events in Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga and the Southeast area. Her dedication to events was founded on the principle that cultivating connection & fostering belonging is our truest, most authentic desire. It has been her life’s greatest honor to have the privilege of being a part of curating bespoke experiences for her community.

With now ten years of experience in the event planning industry, Khloe will openly admit to anyone that her spark for crafting weddings and events remains just as bright as the day it was lit. She is a natural-born entrepreneur, and since the first day she founded W Events in January 2017, she has been certain this is her life’s calling. Her background in Venue Management paired with a Business degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga instilled her with the skillset she needed to begin the journey to where she is today. 

Khloe’s main role at W Events is to cast vision on how the team as a whole can deepen their practice and continue to grow to new heights with each and every occasion they are a part of. She has foraged tremendous growth for W Events throughout the years. In 2020,  the company expanded outside of their home base of Chattanooga, bringing the same dedicated service to the Atlanta and Nashville areas. Then in 2024 she spearheaded the rebrand to W Events.  The original name, Wildflower Wedding Planning, originating from the resilience and beauty of wildflowers. Weddings are exactly that. Celebrations of love unite us as humans across all cultures and landscapes. Proven more so now than ever before, we know weddings will withstand the odds and be around until the end of time.  W Events is a nod to the origin of the business while remerging in a more refined, simplified way that reflects  the milestone of growth the company has achieved over the last seven years. 

7 – The Enthusiast; Fun-loving, Versatile, Adventurous

Go-to Coffee Order
Iced latte with oat milk

Favorite Restaurant/ Type of Food

Favorite place you have ever visited
Sydney, Australia

Favorite TV Show
Selling Sunsets

Fun fact about you
I was born in Hawaii – mahalo! 

When you’re not wedding planning, what brings you joy
When I’m not in event planning mode, it comes to no surprise that you can typically still find me planning – whether it be an itinerary organizing the travel details to an exciting new destination on my bucket list or a weekend itinerary showing my friends all that Nashville has to offer. In my down time, cuddles with my teacup Yorkie, Riley, hot yoga classes, and an epsom salt bath refuel my soul.

Emilei Disbrow

Kallie Coleman

Tucker Bedingfield

Jinny Benedetti

Lizzie Crocker


W Events embraces forward-looking principles, recognizing that diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to the growth of our community. We integrate DEI considerations into every aspect of our operations, from team recruitment to technological advancement to internal structures, as we expand our reach.

Presently, we uphold a strict zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and take pride in fostering a trusted platform that fosters a safe and supportive environment within the events industry and broader community. Our goal is for everyone to feel both represented and respected. LGBTQIA+ welcome.