Wedding planner Mentorship program

At W Events we value bringing excellence to every wedding day. We train our planners to tap into their natural talent and watch them flourish into amazing wedding planners that both our vendor partners and clients trust with such an important day. Now, we are sharing our secrets with established wedding planners that aspire to grow their knowledge and experience with the help of the W Events team. 

Mentorship Includes:

  • Experience on actual W Events Weddings
  • Ability to use photos from weddings worked in portfolio
  • Training on our processes and procedures
  • Access to our proprietary documents we use for wedding day
  • Training on how to use softwares that make running your business easier
  • Learn to grow your business & team
  • One on one mentoring with our founder
  • Invitation to our weekly employee meetings
  • **Must be in business for at least 1-2 years** 

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Khloe Jackson

Meet your mentor

Continued education is something I highly value as a business owner. My growth and success in taking W Events to a six-figure company over the last five years is largely due to seeking the advice of those planners I aspire to be. 

Because of this principle, I’ve always been driven to train other wedding planners who are eager to excel in the wedding planning industry. Seeing that spark for this exciting industry in the eyes of newer planners keeps my passion alive. 


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