So, you’re looking at hiring a DJ for the biggest day of your life? You know music is an important part of atmosphere, but how do you know what to talk about with your DJ? Have no fear, we today we’ve got the low down with the MillionDollaMan himself on the 3 most important things to discuss with your DJ before your wedding!

So what exactly are the top 3 things to discuss with your DJ?
1. Discuss Your Wedding Vibe
2. Talk Musical Interests
3. Set clear Expectations
But keep reading for the full run down!

1. Discuss Your Wedding Vibe with your DJ!

The whole atmosphere of your wedding is affected by the music that’s playing! That is exactly why it’s so important to discuss about your desires for the big day with your DJ. If you’re looking for a fun night, you’re going to want to talk about what fun means to you personally. Be thorough when you talk to your DJ! Tell them how you want people to feel and what makes a moment matter to you!

With Keenan, the MillionDollaMan, you’re going to get more than just some music playing in the background. He is way more than just your normal DJ, he’s an entertainer! He works as a hype man and truly crafts an atmosphere that will be completely unforgettable! Your DJ should be able to control the entire atmosphere with the musical selections they are choosing. People naturally vibe off other human beings. So, hiring a DJ that can really influence a crowd and get them where you want them to go is key!

The Million Dolla Man is way more than just a DJ. He's an entertainer with a mic in his hand and a beat in his heart.
Photo by Rich Smith

2. Discuss Your Musical Interests with Your DJ!

The second most important thing to discuss with your DJ before your wedding day is your musical interests! You want to make sure what you want to hear actually makes it into your wedding and reception. He always encourages them to make sure that the songs they choose are personal to them. Every song is a reflection of who the couple is. Nothing can tell your story better than a song.

In addition, Keenan recognizes that every DJ has his or her natural playlist. It’s important for a couple to find a DJ that has the same type of musical interest as they do. Keenan’s playlist is usually customized to the needs and wants of the client. However it has to be close to his natural skill set in order for him to accept the event. 

Dj discusses how to get down on your wedding day and helps get the crowd involved!
Photo by Ancelet Photography

Keenan usually asks couples for a few songs they know for a fact they want to hear throughout their reception. This gives him a general idea of the music they would like to hear throughout the night and builds off of that! Chemistry is everything and Keenan is watching the couple throughout the night to ensure he’s hitting the nail on the head musically.

3. Discuss Your Expectations with Your DJ!

You can’t expect people to read your mind, and the same saying goes for your DJ. Though, Keenan has loads of natural talent and energy, he’s not a mind reader. His first priority is making sure he meets your expectations and that the bride is happy throughout the night!  Keenan does whatever it takes by any and all means necessary to ensure that she’s smiling from ear-to-ear from the ceremony until the end of the reception. His number one goal is to create memories for both families that they will remember for years to come. 

Photo by Nelya

Why We Love Keenan!

Whenever we hear our brides say they want an interactive DJ, we immediately run to Keenan! He has become THE DJ in the area that is well known as being way more than just a guy who plays music. And that reputation is well deserved. There’s almost no moment during an event that Keenan doesn’t have a microphone in his hand. He’s not just fun but a true entertainer.

Keenan’s last piece of advice for all the brides out there is this: do whatever it takes to ensure your personal happiness during your wedding day. Meaning don’t let anyone or anything ruin your wedding day. Stay mentally tough be AS CAREFREE AS POSSIBLE!!

Do More Than Just Discuss

Ready to get down with Keenan? Consider booking him as fast as possible! We speak from personal experience that he is in high demand! So before you contact him you should be ready to secure the date or in the blink of an eye it will be gone! So, act fast and check out Keenan’s website to fill out that contact form today!

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