The wedding industry has changed so much since the breakout of Covid-19 earlier this year. many couples all over the world are having to change their wedding plans to accommodate the new normal. today we are sharing  a list of 4 Covid-19 safety precautions to take on wedding day in order to keep you and your guests safe!

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Safety Precautions to Take on Wedding Day

 As wedding planners, we are so excited that couples are choosing to move forward with their weddings, but we want to make sure everyone knows the necessary Covid -19 safety precautions to take on wedding day! First and foremost, the main goal is to marry the person you love.  Just as important is to keep the guests that attend your wedding safe! below are some safety precautions you can take at your wedding to prevent the spread of the coronavirus! 

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1) Utilize Outdoor Options

This one is easy! Does your wedding venue have outdoor options? If so, take advantage of this option by tweaking your floor plan to utilize the outdoor space as much as possible! Moving your event outdoors will limit your guests exposure to enclosed spaces where the risk of contracting covid-19 is higher due to uncirculated air. 

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2) Limit Guest Count to 50% Capacity

In order to keep your guests safe, we have been recommending that our brides limit their guest list. We are recommending couples cut back to 50% capacity of the venues maximum.  Brides have been hesitant to “un-invite” guests that may have originally received a save-the-date, but guests have been completely understanding especially at a time like this.  Many of our brides have updated their social media platforms and wedding website to reflect that they will be making these changes to the wedding day. Then, either sending out a new invitation or an email invitation. Paperless Post is one of our favorite online invitation companies with cute designs!  

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3) Taking Temperatures & Sanitizing Pens

Our third safety precaution is taking temperatures at the door and sanitize pens at the guestbook table. Doing these things will make your guests feel like their health is being considered right off the bat. Taking temperatures at the door has been a health measure many businesses have already taken. This is a great measure to take since having a fever is one of the main symptoms of covid-19. We recommend buying a thermometer for wedding day and designating either your planner or family member with checking temperatures before guests enter the wedding.  Also, buying sanitizer wipes and having this designated person sanitize pens after each use will limit the spread of germs that we carry on our hands. Thus,  you will be doing your part in reducing the spread of Covid-19 by taking these easy safety precautions. 

4) Adjust Catering Protocols

Caterers Serving the Food

Releasing One Table at a Time

Talk to your caterer about their specific policies during covid-19! Most catering companies are requiring employees  to serve the food, instead of having guests self serve.  This safety precaution minimizes the amount of people in contact with the utensils and food! 

You will want to designate someone to release tables one at a time at your wedding! you can ask your dj, wedding planner, or even a friend to undertake this task ! This will allow people to social distance and prevent your guests from crowding over the food while in line!

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Need Help? Hire a Wedding Planner!

Overall, we know how difficult planning a wedding can be… especially during a pandemic!  Hiring a planner can help ease the stress! We love helping our couples navigate these uncertain times and help them make informed decisions! Our team will make sure all of these safety protocols are being followed, take temperatures at the door, sanitize pens at the guest book, and talk through any concerns that are keeping you up at night! We take all the necessary precautions on our end as well to ensure your wedding goes on without a hitch. First, we have a backup lead coordinator for your big day in the event your original lead coordinator gets sick. Also, we are limiting our exposure to Covid-19  in our every day life by working remotely when possible. As event professionals, we are in the business of planning for all possible problems that may arise and want you to trust that we have all our bases covered for your special day! 

Photography: Keren Trevino

If you need help planning your wedding, give us a call today at 423-405-7615 or visit our website  here to learn more about the services we provide!  

We would love to talk with you about the Covid-19 safety precautions you should take on wedding day in addition to how we can help you bring your vision to life!  

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