Wedding Planner

Between her love for country music and her obsession with the TV show “Nashville”, she always felt drawn to the ambience of music city, so in 2018, this California girl packed her bags and made the daring move across the country to study at Belmont University. During her studies in Event Management, where she discovered her newfound passion for events, she decided to pursue a summer internship with a local wedding planner. It was during that summer that the art of curating unforgettable moments for couples became a source of genuine joy for her and she knew that she wanted to pursue it as a career post college. 

Fueled by a lifelong appreciation for romantic comedies and heartfelt love stories, Lizzie joined the Wildflower team in 2023. Her most cherished part of any wedding day is getting to witness the exchange of glances between the bride and groom during the bridal entrance – a moment that never fails to evoke tears in her eyes. Lizzie find fulfillment from being a helping hand where she is needed to make the wedding day as beautiful as it can be, contribute her personal expertise where needed and make a positive impact on her clients, vendors and fellow team members.

More about Lizzie

2 – The Helper; Caring, Interpersonal, Generous


“Goto” Coffee Order?
I’m more of a Green Matcha or Chai Tea gal


Favorite Restaurant/ Type of Food?
Blanco – their nachos are to die for!


Favorite place you have ever visited:

New York City


Favorite TV Show:
Friends! It’s my go to show when I need a good laugh.


Fun fact about you:
I was on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives


When you’re not wedding planning, what brings you joy?

I love discovering new restaurants in Nashville, going to pilates, reading cheesy romance novels, baking and I love putting together a challenging puzzle. Honestly anything that will keep me active and busy!