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What Nobody is Talking about: Being a Pandemic Bride During COVID-19

Right now is a scary and uncertain time for everybody.  However, it should not go without notice that it is particularly a difficult time to be a pandemic bride during COVID-19.  Not to mention that nobody is really talking about what it is like being pandemic bride during COVID-19, but we are here to help!



Keep calm and call! call your family and your support system!  They are all there to help you, especially during this time. Above all, they WANT to help you! Use them as a resource to get some things off your mind.  Next, call your wedding planner 


You have options! This is uncharted territory for everybody, but we have come up with some ideas to ease your mind. Many of our brides have considered postponement to a later date. Furthermore, some of our brides have are planning on eloping on their original date and having a party later on in the calendar year!  


What you do know at this time, is that you  have found the love of your life!  Remember what your vows will say and what you’ll be promising each other when you do take them!  Certainly families and support systems are such great blessings, but the two of you will be the ones walking through life together daily.


One way to view the situation at hand is to look at it as a canvas that you get to perfect! In other words, you already know what you want as a bride, now you just get a chance to make it even better! While your vision may need to be altered some because of the immediate situation, you can look at this as an opportunity to get to focus on the love that you two share.  As previously mentioned, eloping and postponing are options that can help you bring your vision to full fruition in its time!  Feel free to follow us on Pinterest for more ideas! 


Brides, don’t get bogged down with the details! You know what you desire for the big day and you’ve gotten this close to seeing it all pan out.  Why stress yourself out now?  Take things day by day and if you need help with planning, coordination or rescheduling, let us know!  Our Home Page is linked here if you are in Chattanooga, Nashville, or Surrounding Areas!  

Pandemic Brides: WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

The situation we are facing is difficult to navigate and likely disappointing to say the least.  We want to do as much as we can to help! 

Wildflower Wedding Planning will also be hosting a virtual support group for any brides walking through this.  We want to provide a space where you can not only relate with other couples going through this situation, but also connect with other brides and exchange ideas! This will be FREE for all brides who are impacted by the pandemic, not just our clients!  

The Bridal Support Group will offer free wedding advice, a place to answer questions, and a community of gals going through the same thing.  Nobody has really been talking about what it is like being a Pandemic Bride!  We are here to talk through solutions and brainstorm ideas on how you can navigate this situation! 

The first session will take place on April 14th at 12:00pm EST via Zoom. Click below to RSVP!

FREE Advice, Support & Community!

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