Music is an absolute game changer when it comes to your wedding day! It sets the tone and gives your day that special feel that really makes the whole day pop! So, it’s important to make sure that your music choices are cohesive to your theme and unique to your personality. Today, we’re talking to Reece from ProSound to get all the best tips from a professional on choosing the right playlist for your wedding day!

Pump Up the Jams

From the very beginning of his life, Reece has had music flowing through his veins. Both of his parents were musicians so he naturally had the gift as well. Growing up in school, he was always in the band or playing the drums. Eventually, he learned the guitar and even played locally around the city for a while.

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But weddings came later on. Really, only after he decided not to play out in public anymore and decided to get out of retail. The best part is, he still gets to entertain and celebrate with thousands of people every year and make a living doing it! According to Reece, it’s the best career he’s ever had!

How Important Is Music at a Wedding?

Alright, let’s think about it this way. To measure the value of any element in a wedding, imagine what it would be like if it was removed. So, for example, take away the chair covers- you’re likely to still have a great event. But if you take away the music or have terrible music, your event may not turn out so great. But with an amazing DJ, you’ll create memories for a lifetime.

The right playlist drops the beat for this wedding dance party


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Choosing the Right Playlist

According to Reece, you always want to start out with the basics. He actually has a full list of suggestions, but also encourages each couple to find songs that remind them of each other, or important life events like when they met, their first date, or even their first kiss. Mixing these together helps create an authentic feel, while staying relatable. The bottom line is to make sure your list has songs that the majority of people recognize.

What to Avoid on Your Playlist

Don’t get too specific! You may be super into indie music, but if your guests don’t know the song, it will fall flat. If you try to be too genre specific, or if you try to be too “different” or “not like everybody else” your guests may not respond to those eclectic types of music. Choosing the right playlist means you’re blending your own style with what’s popular with your audience & guests.

Bride and groom share their first dance while a dj sets the mood.


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Customizing Your Playlist

Having a professional makes all the difference when it comes to customizing your playlist. When working with Reece, you get to plan out what your wedding will sound like along with the reception. I give my couple as much lead way as they want. If they trust him to do it, then he bases the songs on the age and demographic of the audience. Of course, he does encourage the couple to pick out as many songs as they want. Plus, Reece actually has a mobile wedding planning and music app, so his process is much easier for his couples than other DJ’s!

One of the best parts is that it’s all totally adaptable! Sometimes on the big day, you find there’s a unique vibe and so you change it up and go a totally different direction. What may start out as a hip hop wedding might turn into an 80’s party.

Bride & Groom dance to their customized playlist at their wedding.


Photo by Taylor English

Final Tips and Tricks for Your Playlist

So, how do you work with your DJ to really curate the sound of your wedding? First of all, choose a DJ that is willing to work with you. Be sure to find someone that listens to your suggestions and has years of experience to bring to the table. Lastly, work together to create the perfect sound! And that my friends is how you make sure you’re choosing the right playlist!

Get in Touch with Reece

If you’re looking for more about Reece’s services visit his website or follow him on Facebook! Also, check out his top 200 requested songs to get started on choosing the right playlist for your big event!