Dudes, let’s face it, the wedding industry is geared towards women, but let’s not forget the importance of your WHOLE bridal party looking good on wedding day – including the groom & groomsmen!! So today we’re talking to style expert, Laith Altamimi, and diving into what it takes to make sure grooms and his guys are looking fly for photos!

Humble Beginnings

How does a college football player become a barber? Actually, it’s fairly simple. Laith says that his football friends noticed how fresh he looked after he would clean up his own facial hair and eventually they asked for his help. With a whole five dollars in his pocket, he realized that this hobby could turn into something real. Not long after that, Laith became known as “The Team Barber.”

Laith is a true entrepreneur. The first time he had a friend ask him for a true fade, he watched a youtube tutorial. Of course, since those early beginnings, Laith has earned his cosmetology license and truly become a master of his craft

Turning Heads & Looking Fly

A classic and fly fade haircut from Latih

When is comes to the perfect cut, Laith has some suggestions. With mens’ cuts there are several factors to making sure you’re getting what is best for you. The first step is to trust your barber. After all, they’re the experts here. Laith says that head shape and texture can really affect the way a haircut looks. Totally makes sense!

Three different guys could come in and get the exact same hair cut with it looking totally different on each man. And that’s why it’s important to talk with your barber and to get suggestions for your actual head of hair. Personalization really does make all the difference. Really, a personalized haircut contours beautifully and people notice it. 

Looking Fly AF on Wedding Day

So what does this mean when you’re a groom? Well, we all know that brides have a flow to their day and always look amazing for their grooms! To them, the details matter! They get their nails done, they hair is flawless and their makeup is always perfected before they walk down the aisle.

Groom fist pumps in excitement while looking fly with a fresh cut.


Some of Laith’s work at an elopement wedding!

As a groom, you’ve got several options to help you look fly. Laith suggests coming in for a truly personalized style. Or if you’re looking for a day of grooming, Laith can bring his tools to you! Our favorite piece of advice from Laith was this: to get a truly cohesive look for the bridal party, have all the guys groomed on site! We love a good cohesive look ourselves!

Fly Favorites For Grooms

African American man looking fly af after a fresh groom with Laith


A fresh groom has this guy looking fly!

Laith’s personal favorite styles are the European looks. They tend to be ahead of the game when it comes to style and fashion. Laith says that with any fresh cut, guys can have good flow.

Though Laith admits that whatever is trendy can be beautiful art, trends just are not his style. Instead, he gives clients the best haircut possible to help them walk in confidence. He does all he can to bring out the best version of the client. He calls it “the sauce.” In short, grooms that are aiming to look fly need to go see a barber to get a personalized cut!

But why stop there? Your wedding pictures will be on display in your house for the rest of your life. You’ve spent hours perfecting your guest list and picking out flowers and dresses and linens and food. Please don’t forget about the men! Invest in their looks and help them look as good as the girls by hiring a professional barber to come help the guys get ready!

Laith’s Work

Get inspired by more of Laith’s work on his instagram. Ready to book him for your big day so you can have a fly groom and bridal party? Read up on his services.