Preparing for marriage is a daunting task. Everyone has heard about marriage counseling and of course planning the actual wedding day. But there’s so much more than that! You’re creating a life together and almost every part of your life is changing! Today, we’re sitting down with Patrick Moates to tackle one of the more challenging subjects with you: insurance!

You Need to Know

Insurance is one of those hard to understand things, but let’s start simple. When you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. And although it’s a generalized statement, it absolutely applies when it comes to insurance. It’s one of those things you don’t think about until you’re in trouble. But planning ahead is the best way to be prepared for your marriage and really all of life!

Most people plan every detail about their new lives together but never stop to think about insurance. And it kind of makes sense. When you’re picking out wedding cakes and dresses you don’t stop and get excited to combine your car insurance but it is a really important part of the process. Plus, according to Patrick, you can actually save money if you bundle together!

It’s important to call someone and at least take time to understand what insurance you need, don’t need, want and get to know your insurance agent. Because if you think about it, once your policy is in force you typically don’t call your agent to say hello or send a birthday card.  You call on a bad day like when the house catches on fire or when you’re in a car wreck. In those moments, it’s comforting to be calling someone you trust and have had a legitimate conversation with!

Patrick Moates, insurance agent helps you in preparing for marriage.

Preparing for Marriage

One big myth that seems to make it’s way all around the world is that it’s best to just stay on your parent’s insurance. But Patrick says it’s not so easy! Saving money is always encouraged, but the cheapest and easiest option could leave you in a bind when the worst case scenario actually happens.

Plus, insurance can actually help you build credit! Paying your own insurance and having your own credit score can help you later when you go to buy a house. It can hurt you if you don’t make payments on time just like anything else, but it’s better to start building your own credit than to just let mom and dad pay for things. It might save you money now, but can be bad for you as a new married couple and make future decisions more difficult.

Get to Know the Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent Patrick poses with his wife as together they tackle preparing for marriage.

So, remember earlier when Patrick suggested you get to know you’re insurance agent? He wasn’t kidding, and neither are we! Patrick is way more interesting and fun than just being an insurance agent. He’s super into cars, does Crossfit and is involved in a local church community.

Patrick's amazing cars

He loves his job because it always gives him the chance to work with people in challenging stages of their lives and help them. Building relationships and getting to know new people is enjoyable. Some clients become like family and end up at his epic Independence Day barbecue every year. He gets to meet new people almost every day and is always up for making a new friend.

According to Patrick the most rewarding things about his work is a job well done. Getting a call from a client on his cell phone if he’s on vacation or in the office to celebrate a new car, new home, or just a thank you because they filed a claim and had better coverage than they thought is a good feeling. And that happens more than you’d think!

Final Tips on Preparing for Marriage with Insurance

The most important tip in preparing your insurance for marriage is this: take the time to understand what insurance does for you! It doesn’t need to be your day job unless you want to work for an insurance company, but take a minute and understand what you’re getting into with any insurance contract. Also, while you’re combining insurance and last names, spend the money on a good pre marital class. Patrick says that he and his wife have been married four years and they STILL refer back to things they learned in their counseling sessions. It was also the most fun they had during the process!

Ready to Chat with the expert?

If you’re ready to talk to an insurance agent while preparing for marriage, then look no further! You can get in touch with Patrick on his website.

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