Toni from Sweet Angel Cakes is here to tell us what cake trends she has been seeing this year! We always love working with Toni and know the cake is going to be delicious if she is working an event with us! 

Cake Trends in 2020

What are some cake trends in 2020? Since we are only halfway through the year, a lot of the cake trends Toni is seeing is flowing over from last year’s trends. She is seeing a lot of semi-naked cakes and cakes with texture and buttercream. These kinds of cakes were very popular in 2019 as well. This year, Toni has seen brides choosing to have more color in their wedding cake! Some of the darker colors have even become a trend for the moody weddings! Some brides want the traditional white cake but have chosen to add fun colors to make it a little different this year.

Toni's Favorite Cake Trend

As a baker, Toni has many opportunities to make all kinds of cakes. Her favorite cake trend this year is the buttercream and semi-naked cake with fruits! She loves when brides choose to add figs, pieces of pears and  berries. This trend started years ago but has gotten more popular over time. Adding these things can bring a more natural and unique aspect to your cake!

Photography: OkCrowe

Personalizing Your Cake

How can you make your wedding cake personal to your wedding and theme? There’s a lot of things you can do to your personalize your cake! Some brides question their vision for their wedding cake because it isn’t traditional but you can do whatever you want because it is your day! Toni has seen brides pull in aspects from the reception by using fresh flowers that they are using as decor.  You can also do something small on your cake that is meaningful to you and your spouse!

Photography: Daisy Moffatt Photography 

Dessert Options

If you don’t like cake, there are plenty of other desserts you can have on your wedding day! Toni has been seeing a lot of different desserts that have become more of a trend as well. She has been seeing a lot of donut walls, dessert bars, cupcakes  and even banana pudding! There are a lot of cute dessert ideas that everyone loves and that will give many different options to your guests! 

Cake on a Budget

Trying to save some money while planning your wedding? Talk with Toni about doing a “kitchen cake”. You can have a small cake out for display and then do a sheet cake in the back so that there is enough cake for your guests! No one ever has to know that it didn’t come from the actual cake and you can save some money! 

Need a delicious cake for your wedding? Contact Toni from Sweet Angel Cakes today! HERE is a link to her website so you check out all the other beautiful cakes she has made! 

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