Are you looking for the idyllic  mountain hideaway?  Gardens in the Gorge could be the venue for you!  

Our Featured Venue this week on the Blog is Gardens in the Gorge!  We love the fact that Gardens in the Gorge is a family-centered business that was born out of the desire to share the Tennessee River Gorge with as many people as possible.  And that is just what they have accomplished! 

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Photography by: Christan C. George

Photography by: Christan C. George

Chattanooga Venue at the foot of Signal Mountain

In 2012, Beau Boruff and Lindsey Miller had purchased a plot of land in the Tennessee River Gorge with the intent of building their house.  A few years passed and the husband and wife duo decided to buy an additional 26 acres surrounding their original property.   Subsequently, construction was completed on their family home, and they began to wonder what they could do with the remainder of the estate.  However, they knew that they wanted to allow as many people to experience the beauty of the gorge as possible.  And with the help of Lindsey’s parents, Nelly and Rick Miller, so was born the weddings and events venue.  

Photography by: Christan C. George

Wildflower Weddings at Gardens in the Gorge

Photography by: Christan C. George

Photography by: Christan C. George

We had the pleasure of planning a wedding in the beautiful space last Winter season for Bride and Groom, Jackie and Bryan.  The two adored the space and ultimately selected it as the setting for their big day because they felt that it highlighted the love of nature that they both embody!  The couple loved the scenic views and isolated feel of the venue.  They were ultimately looking for a venue that fit their personalities as rock climbers, adventurers, and lovers of nature, and The Gardens in the Gorge was their perfect fit!

Jackie and Bryan are actually traveling across the county as the moment in their Van, enjoying the beauty of the country while loving life and each other!  

Jackie and Bryan has 125 guests at their wedding for visual reference; however, the venue can comfortably fit up to 200 guests!  

Photography by: Christan C. George

The Vision Behind this Hidden Gem!

Gardens in the Gorge aimed to craft a space that was unique and different from many of the spaces often seen.  They chose a Tudor style manor for the exterior appearance with vaulted ceilings, granite counter tops, elegant sconces and chandeliers throughout the interior. The Owners paid a lot of attention to all the small details, which is always VERY important!  They tell us that it was a tedious process during construction but that it has more than paid off with the finished space!

The owners describe the couples that book at Gardens in the Gorge are generally looking for space that is new, different, and unique but they also love the view and love the pictures they get from being on the property.

Photography by: Christan C. George

By September 1,2019, the property was in order and preparing for guests!  

Photography by: Christan C. George

Forest Weddings with a View!

Windsor Hall 

Gardens in the Gorge’s Windsor Hall is a stunning and naturally-lit space for 200.  Moreover, the breath-taking views that surround the Hall complete the whimsical atmosphere of the venue. The property is surrounded by Prentice Cooper State Forest, which ensures that we will maintain the secluded forest feel for years to come.  However, they are less than 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga – so you have the best of both worlds – close to Chattanooga’s cultural center and hotels but with the feel of being worlds away.

The Green

Gardens in the Gorge’s The Green is primarily used as a ceremony space.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the Gorge has the views for it all!  The Green is encompassed by towering trees of the Prentice Cooper State Forest.  Certainly, even surrounded by the vast beauty, it provides the perfect space for an intimate and personal ceremony.  The Green, is intended to reflect the natural surrounding with many native plants, but we brought in a few additional plants for color and variety to ensure that we have interesting colors and textures throughout the year.

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Bridal Suite and Family Lodge

The Bridal Suite and Family Lounge come with any rental of the spaces to create for a relaxing getting-ready experience.  The Bridal Suite is equipped with salon-quality hair and makeup chairs, clothing racks for dresses, plush sofas, and more!  In addition, The Family Lounge offers private rooms for the Family or Bridal Party to dress or spend time in day-of, as well as additional seating and a private balcony!  Check them both out here

Photography by: Christan C. George


The Gardens in the Gorge also offered Couple, Bridal Party, Family or Guest Accommodations in their picturesque cottages on property!  All four fairy tale lodging arrangements are available for rent!  We LOVE the ability that this venue has to not only host your celebration, but also to accommodate friends or family that may be traveling in from out of town!  

That is to say that, even if you do not plan to stay on your big day, the cottages happen to be available for rent outside of strictly wedding or event stays.  If you want a luxury night in nature, this could be the place for you!  You have to check out these adorable cottages, here!

Whimsical, Quaint, Picturesque!

To sum up, the Venue is now actively booking for 2021 and select 2020 dates, linked here!   Click here to be taken on a virtual tour through their website! 

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