Your wedding day is arguably the best day of your life. So, why not have the best smile of your life too?! Today we sat down with Dr. Damien Armstrong, DMD of River City Dentistry to get the low down on why you should visit the dentist before your wedding day! Not only are we chatting about the top 2 reasons to visit the dentist, but we’re also getting professional tips on keeping your smile sparkling!

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1. It’s good for your health!

Whether the dentist makes you cringe or you love that clean teeth feeling, regular dental hygiene is flat out good for you! And let’s face it, you’re about to go through one of life’s biggest transitions as you merge your life with another person. Why not get ahead of the game and check off another item on your ever present to do list? 

Photography courtesy of: River City Dentistry 

River City Dentistry offers you a great smile for your wedding day!

2. Look Good, Feel Good

There’s nothing better than feeling your absolute best. So, why not help yourself get there by making sure you look good for your wedding day? Many people focus on workouts and diets before their wedding, and while we applaud those efforts, we know a gorgeous smile will outlast all other beauty hacks! And, trust us, your cheeks are going to hurt after your wedding day because you’ll be smiling SO much.  There’s no better way to prepare than to make sure you visit the dentist!

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3. The Whiter Smile, the Brighter!

So, we’ve probably all used white strips at home, but what’s the benefit of having your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist? Well, to put it simply, it’s fast! In one day, your teeth can go from meh to glam. Plus, with a professional at your side, there’s not need to fret. At River City Dentistry, the experience is a step above the rest.  As you get your teeth sparkling, you can chill out and binge your favorite show on Netflix.

While you relax, the dental hygienist will get you prepped and ready for your glow session. They add protective layers of paste on your gums to protect the rest of your mouth and then you do several sessions of whitening in one sitting. How long the whole process takes depends on how white your teeth are before coming in. Typically, it’s possible to be in and out in about an hour! The only way to be sure though is to set up a consultation with Dr. Armstrong!

After your professional whitening with your visit to the dentist, Dr. Armstrong makes impressions and sends you home with whitening trays for at home maintenance. The trays are fitted with a little extra space to make sure there’s room for the whitening gel between the retainer and your teeth.

Bonus Pro tip! According to Dr. Armstrong, there’s really no reason to avoid drinking dark and staining drinks such as red wine or coffee! The trick though is to swish around some water after you finish to rinse out the staining elements & keep your teeth bright and shiny!

Visit with Dr. Damien Armstrong

Photography courtesy of: River City Dentistry 

Chattanooga Dentist, Dr. Damien Armstrong showing off his office and nice smile.

It’s no surprise that most people get white coast syndrome when even thinking about visiting the dentist. But with Dr. Armstrong, there’s no need to be anxious! When you first walk in, you’ll notice there’s a great aesthetic! Plus, a calming fish tank feature keeps you calm while you wait. He’s also into music, so there’s always going to be some fun, familiar tunes playing over the speakers too.

If you’re lucky his pup, Mumford, will join you. He’s a therapy dog that has been trained to sit with you and help keep you cool and collected while Damien gets to work. And once you meet Dr. Armstrong, it’s easy to see why so many people love him. He’s easy going, honest, and puts others at ease.

It’s obvious his staff all respect him and that they have a good working relationship. He goes above and beyond to make sure his patients and comfortable. For example, did you catch that he has mobile tv’s in every room for you to watch Netflix while you get work done? No more staring into the bright light pondering all of life’s anxieties. Plus, you can take a tour of the office, right on his website.

So, what are you waiting on? If you’re looking for a new dentist in Chattanooga or want to touch up you smile before your wedding, be sure to get in touch with Dr. Armstrong and visit the dentist!

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