WOW, okay. Karlee and I had the best time this past weekend spending the night in a yurt village in the Smoky Mountains!

The Drive from Chattanooga

Our drive from Chattanooga was about 2.5 hours through the lush mountainous terrain.

You can find this quaint yurt village nestled in the foothills of the mountain giving off such a cozy secluded feeling that reminded me of staying in a hostel in rural areas of Europe.

Seriously, check this place out at

Here’s what to expect: 

Video of the Yurt Village in the Smokies

First thing I have to give this place props on is the top-notch staff members.

Immediately, Ricky came to greet us cheerily and to check us in and show us around the place. We rode around the property.

I found my favorite spot tucked away in the back. I believe it was lot 16….just look at it!

yurt village in the smoky mountains

Lodging in the Yurt Village

After taking a look around, Ricky showed us to our yurt for the night. We stayed in a deluxe room with a bathroom which included all the finer things of glamping including a toilet, sink, and shower – YUP, shower.

yurt village in the smoky mountains

Amenities in the Yurt Village

Second set of props, this place knows whats up.

They had all the essentials stocked. There was a lamp to see at night, USB hookups on both sides of the King-sized bed for charging purposes, and plenty of warm blankets for when the chill of the night hits. 

yurt village camping in the smoky mountains
camping in the yurt village in the smoky mountains

Festivities in the Yurt Village, Smoky Mountains

After we settled in, we went over to the main tent.

As we approached, we saw a sign for  “Complimentary Smorgsbord’s at 8pm” so naturally we needed to see what that was about! 

camping out in a yurt village in tn

In other words, this was the MOVE because it was literally the best smores experience ever.

They had a plethora of options to curate the perfect smores of your choice.

This one pictured was my favorite – a cinnamon graham cracker, Reese’s cup, with a classic marshmallow. I’d describe this as a spiritual experience, really. 

yurt village in the smoky mountains
yurt village in the smoky mountains 2

The entire community staying in the village gathered around to eat, drink, and play.

People were coming in from all around – Texas, Ohio, Alabama. Some even brought their furry friends giving us serious FOMO for not bringing Panda along!

Meanwhile, in the main yurt you’ll find a beer/wine bar, cafe, and fun activities, like board games and yard games, for instance! 

yurt village in the smoky mountains 3

That night, we decided to supply our own Bota Box (Redvolution, amiright?) and sipped the night away talking of travel stories and getting suggestions on where to hick in the morning.

Jess, a wonderful human that transferred from their Zion location gave us all the dreamy feels for traveling out West to check out the Angel’s Landing hike.

Ricky suggested we check out Alam cave, a short 25-minute drive from the yurt village. 

yurt village in the smoky mountains 4

For reference, quiet time hits at 11pm, so we head back to get some shut-eye in our yurt. The walk back was illuminated by the fireflies that covered the fields. 

yurt village camping in the smokies
smokies yurt village

The next day, we woke up to the sounds of birds and the crisp morning air. Did I mention the rooms also have a wood-burning heater inside fully stocked with wood? Killed it with this, guys.

We woke up feeling fresh to death and walked over to the main yurt for a morning yoga sesh and complimentary coffee. 

yurt village in the smoky mountains 5

Weddings in the Yurt Village

Third round of props – they even do weddings and events here!

What a dream to be able to share this experience with all of your favorite people!

Moreover, they have up to 40 yurts for accommodations and a beautiful area where ceremonies are normally held.

I am SO down to plan this for someone looking for something epic for their big day. Hit me up – 

Hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Sad to leave but excited to pack up our car and set off to our suggested hiking trail, Alam Cave! 

We danced among the treetops on a 2.3-mile hike up to Alam Cave. A massive rock formation that sits along the edge of the grand mountain. 

smoky mountain hiking

After that, getting our fix of breath-taking views, we head back down the path and back to reality. Overall, I can say UnderCanvas is perfect for anyone that’s looking for a glamping outdoor experience.

It’s similar to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, for instance, if that’s your thing too. Thanks so much for hosting us, UnderCanvas! We will definitely be back!